Research & Writing

Every great on-screen romance begins at the desk of a lonely scriptwriter, in a remote corner of the office, hammering at the keys after everyone else has gone home. Don’t worry, we make sure they eat.

If you have no idea what you’re after, we’ll think of something for you and make sure it’ll knock your audience’s socks, brogues, trousers and underwear right off.


It’s also called field production, the shoot, location shooting, or filming. It’s the pivotal process where you capture the key visual and audio elements of your film on your camera.


We’ll turn your footage and pics into a video, complete with music and text. You know the old saying: a picture tells a thousand words? So do our passionate editors, who are so well-versed in the art of visual storytelling, they communicate with each other through mime.

Sound Design & Final Mix

Surely uzwile ngama hem hem that with our quality sound design and sound effects, we will turn your production into an immersive experience. We record voice overs and also offer final mix studio for bookings.

Animation & VFX

Animation can propel brand advertising, with universal stories and striking visuals designed to captivate and engage any audience. When injected with great production values – animated stories are nothing short of feature quality and result in being unique, differentiated, and truly resonant. Whether you need a bespoke campaign animated, or you need to bring life to digital signage, we offer the solution to your needs.

Graphic Design

Simply put, we are responsible for creating any graphic pieces outlined in any script. We also create promotional materials, like movie posters and digital content. As well as work on period pieces (set in the past), where a lot of research is needed to replicate the exact style and presentation of things like building signage and newspapers and so forth.